Your idea, our experience.

You are the budding entrepreneur wanting to give wings to your dreams. You have a brilliant project idea. You have excellent understanding of the product. You are confident of your technological prowess. And, you are in a hurry.

But, you are not aware of the nitty-gritty of converting it into a successful business enterprise. Like, creating an identity for your product and enterprise, securing legal and statutory registrations, business promotion, marketing, advertising, image building and so on. You may also need to raise business partners and providers of various resources. There is a plethora of such major and mundane activities on the course of implementation of your venture. You may have the necessary inclination and aptitude to do-it-yourself. But, what about your time and energy. Attention to all these sundry activities will surely divert your time, energy and resources away from the much needed focus on your product and project. You have a choice- to incubate or to handhold somebody who undertakes all these mundane yet important Startup activities.


  • Speedy

  • Within available resources

  • Any type of

  • Back office

  • Affordable

We are Actionarator

We believe in Startup support through actions, not through coaching, training or advising like conventional incubators. It is faster, hassle-free and true ease-of-doing business. We call the combination of 'Action' and 'Connection' Startup support as 'Actionarator'.

You need us, our handholding.

We have pooled together experience, expertise and wisdom of several years of several professionals and specialist agencies. We will channelize these for the speedy implementation of your venture. We understand limitations of a Startup and problems of raising Startup business.

Our handholding support to Startups is rendered in two ways.

  • We serve as your Back-office.
    You focus on developing your idea/technical innovation. We undertake all the side and sundry activities of your venture saving your precious time, energy and resources. We have crated a panel of service provider which will instantly meet with your requirements there way saving your project implementation time. Access our services through

Our Mission

To support Startups as 'Actionarator' offering action oriented business services and effective connectivity with service providers enabling in building a successful business enterprise with speed & available resources.


From anonymity in September 2016 to market credibility in April 2019, is a story of success and growth of EQUUS Enterprises LLP. Starting with one product in January 2017, today EQUUS is a multiproduct professional marketing company. EQUUS is a registered Trade Mark under whose umbrella unique premium products like Purinizer, Water Ionizers, 8-stage Water Purifiers, 3-in-1 Faucets etc. have been introduced. All these products are set for pan-India marketing. EQUUS has been able to strike tie-ups with global MNCs like Emerson Group, USA and PurePro Water Corporation USA.

Girish Gajjar

Director, Equus Enterprises LLP, Ahmedabad

Thinking of bringing traffic discipline in a city like Ahmedabad is not a cup of tea for a lesser known citizen like me. Others also do think about it, but give up thinking that its government job. Moreover, such an activity is not financially attractive. On one hand, it requires strong determination of the promoter and on the other, support of well-meaning and like-minded people. My conviction for this social issue was strong, but did not know how and what to do to solve it. Another major limitation was almost total lack of financial resources and supporters.

Paresh Davey

Promoter T-Man and Director Bhagumama Civic Services Private Limited.

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